Baby Gift

5:58 PM

There are certain people who've been in your life ages and ages and they just deserve that little something extra when certain events arise, such as the impending arrival of their first daughter. And since I've been in a creative mood lately, I flipped through my knitting books to find the right gift for this particular person. Handmade seemed appropriate.

So, I settled on a project I've never done before and went at it. I had to teach myself how to do French knots (which is really not much fun) and I think I literally sat on my bum for 12 hours on Saturday finishing the little guy, but finish it I did. As each piece was finished, Kyle, my biggest fan, was more and more impressed and I think August and Brooklyn just about decided I wasn't allowed to give this guy away.
And I have to say I'm pretty proud of my handiwork. I only hope that its new owner, the baby Lizzy, due to arrive on the 21st of this month, will enjoy it as well. I do so love my dear friend, Lizzy's mom, and enjoyed the opportunity to create something special in honor of our enduring friendship.

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