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8:52 AM

Am I missing something or does Disney not like mothers? While watching Beauty and the Beast last night with my kids, it occurred to me that the ONLY mother I can recall from any Disney "princess" movie is in Sleeping Beauty. And she was basically a mother in name only b/c they sent her off to live in the woods with the three fairy godmothers and we hear nothing more of her from that point.

I seriously could be missing something. I'm no Disney expert. Off hand, I was just thinking of the following:

Belle - only her Dad
Cinderella - no dad, only a wicked stepmother
Jasmine - only a dad
Snow White - wicked queen stepmother
Ariel - only her over-protective father
Pocahontas - over-bearing father

This is not a soapbox...I honestly can't figure out what message they're trying to send, if any.

***It was brought to my attention that Rapunzel has a mom. This makes perfect sense: A father would never be able to deal with combing and drying that much hair. Am I right? He'd also let her go to bed with her hair damp and it would be a hideous mass of tangles and kinks the next morning. Anne - is she a wicked mom or a good one? Haven't seen the movie...

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  1. I noticed the same thing and was complaining to Jason.


  2. Rapunzel has a mom if it makes you feel any better ;p

  3. I have always wondered what was going on with that! There don't seem to be many stories with a "normal" family.

  4. both...her real mom is a good mom...but her fake mom is an evil one. Unfortunately, you don't see much of her real mom as she's stolen from her by her evil mom as a baby. But there is a joyful reunion :)