Lotsa Snow

11:23 AM

For a few weeks now, Brooklyn has been asking me and Kyle when we'll get some snow. Living where we do, that question is a tricky one. Sometimes never. Sometimes we just get ice. Sometimes nothing until the end of February. One just never knows.

What we have successfully taught our daughter is to take her requests to God in prayer. So, for the past several weeks, we've been praying for snow. And not just snow. Lotsa snow. Every night. And randomly throughout the day.

And what do you know? This past Saturday, the temps dropped to the 20's and heavy grey clouds rolled in. The air began to carry a lovely, metallic snow smell. The weather channel predicted snow and even some accumulation. Kyle and I were hopeful, but skeptical. We didn't even bother to race to Kroger to stock up on bread and milk. (turns out we had enough anyway)

And Sunday afternoon, while I was attending my friend's baby shower, white flakes began drifting down from the leaden sky. The pace picked up and up and up and continued all through the afternoon and night! And it stuck! Needless to say, there were some very happy people in my household! And some prayers of thankfulness to our God who is perfectly able to give us snow when the mood strikes Him!

Dressed and Ready.

Come on, Mom! Let's get moving!

Kyle and I decided August looked like those inflatable college mascots whose tops were way too tall for their legs. It was impossible to look at him and not burst out laughing!

He didn't find it amusing. But he did choose to wear Brooklyn's pink hat.

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  1. Wow! The kiddos have grown so much. Little August looks like such a sweet boy, and Brooklyn just seems like a beautiful little lady. We are very excited for you all-three will be SO much fun. Time to go to zone defense. Man-on-man is out of the question :) We wish you quick delivery and many sleep-filled nights: )