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Is setting in. I have just spent some time sitting here updating my blog by putting some labels on posts and as I've done so, have had a chance to look through some of my old posts and pictures. I'm astounded by how much August has changed over the past year! Brooklyn's gotten more grown-up looking, but August has been doing that transition from baby to boy and it's more dramatic.

And on top of that, I was just looking at posts from last January and February and thinking, was that really a year ago?!

But in addition to that reality, I'll be 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Which means that my midwife (Mary), assistant midwife-in-training (Holly) and the other midwife (Kim) who'll be attending my birth came to do their home visit today! Let me talk about reality setting in. As I showed the three women around my house, kids swirling around my legs like eddying water, I was asked questions like where did I envision giving birth, did I have preferences as to pushing positions, where were my baby blankets, where was the box of supplies to be used, where were my towels, how firm was this start looking at your house in a different light when it's to be the place you give birth (God-willing!).

The four of us women (5 if you count Brooklyn) sat around my breakfast room table discussing my health (excellent), how I was feeling (very pregnant), was I taking my vitamins (yes), was I on probiotics (no, but I'm gonna!!!). Lest I exclude my husband from this discussion, he was there, giving the women the chairs and helping respond to the "snack" needs of my kids, all while listening in. What a great guy!

I laid down on my couch for the midwives to palpate my belly to assess the baby's position and to listen to the heartbeat. And may I also commend Brooklyn on her part - she is getting the hang of it. She puts the blood pressure cuff on me, pushes the button to start it, and reads the numbers off to Mary. She also helped palpate my abdomen and gave her opinion as to what body part she was feeling. (She was actually correct!). She also helped position the Dopplar to hear the baby's heartbeat. She takes her job very seriously. And Mary and Holly are kind enough to take HER seriously. Love them!

Today was also the day we discussed Group B Strep. I have some considering to do on that front...I haven't been tested yet to see if I am, but if I am, then I have some decisions to make. This is one additional benefit of seeing a midwife, in my opinion. You're not just fed a "medical" line about here's what you're given options, literature to read and a plethora of information you're not given if you go to an OB. Not that OBs are bad, it's just a very different approach.

Oh, one hilarious thing happened today - while we were all sitting around the table talking, Mary was saying that 10% of planned homebirths end up at the hospital for various reason. Brooklyn, in all seriousness, listened to this and said, "Ms. Mary, this baby is not going to be born at a hospital. It will be born here at this home." Mary's face just lit up (as did the other faces at the table) and she said, "Brooklyn, you're my kind of girl."

I wonder how this whole experience will impact B. I haven't given it much thought before now, except to know that my daughter will have experienced something most little girls don't. That is, exposure to midwifes and a different way of thinking. I know I was influenced by my mother in regards to natural childbirth, so I must assume that Brooklyn will be more predisposed to home births when her time comes. Nothing could give me greater pleasure!

Anyway, as I see the next several weeks filling up and getting closer, it makes me realize that it will be here before I know it! I'm anxious to meet my newest little one! And I'm praying that all goes well and I'm able to deliver here in my own home with my husband and 3 midwife ladies. I am so blessed to be in their care! This has been such a wonderful experience so far!

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  1. I am so impressed that you are having a home birth--I was always too afraid of the pain:-) I was GB negative with my first 3 and GB positive with the last one--you just never know! Hopefully everything will turn our fine! I can't believe you are already 34 weeks--time is flying!

  2. What a beautiful post, sweet one. My heart is with you and Kyle and the itty-bitties.

  3. I wanted to do a home birth so badly with Izzy but alas, the military won't pay for that...

    Still, the hospital that both the girls were born in had a wonderful mid-wife program and I was very happy with that.

    I'm so excited for you, Ash. Even more excited for this baby. What a blessed child this will be to have you and Kyle as parents.

    Praying for you guys!