Dorien - 2 weeks old

10:52 AM

Smushy smushy

A perfect mix of Brooklyn and August.

These pictures are almost a week ago. I am so behind in posting...

And I am sad to say that the baby zits have hit us. Shortly after these pictures were taken, my sweet little man's face was attacked by baby zits. Sigh. I know this is a burden every baby must bear, but I look forward to them going AWAY! No baby is cute with those. I'm just being honest. 

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  1. He is precious!!! I just love squishy little babies!! Congrats!

  2. Oh, he is so beautiful Ash! Just gorgeous. All three of your babies have had the same's just so dern cute! And I love Dorien's little lips. Those are the most kissable little baby lips I've ever seen!