12:14 PM

Two things from the mouth of my son:


The Scene: I'm upstairs, drying my hair. Kids are downstairs in the library playing Polly Pockets. I hear something or someone making lots of noise, sounds like my name is being called.

Me (turning off hairdryer and listening): "You guys ok?"

August (from the bottom of the stairs and completely unprompted): "MOMMY, I LOVE YOU!!!!!"

Me (fighting tears): "August, I love you too!"

August (running back to play with B):  "Bookwin, I just told Mommy I loved her."

Brooklyn: "Mommy, I love you too!"


The Scene: I'm at the computer, checking emails and the kids are picking up their toys behind me. Brooklyn is pretending to fix food for August.

Brooklyn: "Here, August, a pretend hot dog."

August: "Bookwin, hot dogs are junk. We don't eat them."

Brooklyn: "August, they're just pretend."

August: "Bookwin, even pretend hot dogs are junk. Right, Mommy?"

Me (so proud...): "Yep, kiddo. Junk."

August: "See, Bookwin. Junk." 

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