Drama Drama Pregnant Mama

12:58 PM

Despite all evidence to the contrary, this is not actually a birth blog. But it does help me vent my impatience by sharing that impatience with you, my friends and readers! So, what's a girl to do when you're just twiddling your thumbs waiting? Well, go outside and distract yourself, for one thing.

Which we did by blowing some bubbles. Bailey the dog found this all very interesting. I think she was hoping the bubbles were edible.

Notice the quantity of spilled bubble juice...yeah, that's my boy! 
Most of it landed on his pants before it could turn into a bubble.

My pensive daughter, making notes for herself on a leaf.

Now what was I going to do next??

Oh, yeah, I might as well prune my roses since I'm out here. Fortunately no one can see in our backyard to mock my shirt's inability to cover my bump. And Kyle snuck this picture in...you better believe I was not posing! But now I'm sharing it with you, so don't mock either!

This one has mastered the bubbles.

It has also come to my attention lately that I am a human barometer. As the weather changes, my body thinks it'd be cute to practice going into labor. Oh yes. Last night, as more stormy weather blew through, I had another sleepless night full of very convincing contractions that turned into...nothing (as of yet). 

And apparently, if that wasn't enough drama for my life right now, there was an EARTHQUAKE here in the state! As I was lying in bed, drifting off, I felt the floor rumble and I thought, oh, here comes August to climb in bed with me. I sat up and said, August? Silence. No one was moving in the house at all. For half a second, I thought, why else would the floor shake like that? Maybe an earthquake? And then I immediately dismissed the thought. 

This morning, my friend Sarah asked if the earthquake had shaken anything loose and my jaw dropped open! Seriously?! Was that what that was??!!! No way! And sadly, the answer to her question was no - not yet. But wow. An earthquake! You just never know what the next day will bring! Drama drama...

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