Snow Pellets and Bailey-Bug

1:35 PM

Although we've not had the same winter weather my friends in Chicago are experiencing (sigh...I'm so jealous...I'd love to get blizzarded in), we have had some crazy weather lately. 

From 70's this past weekend to 35mph winds 2 days ago to 20 degree temps and snow pellets just can't predict this crazy place. 

When the gusts of wind blew in and brought colder temperatures with them, they also decided to wreak havoc on my back-yard gate and just rip the latch off.  Immediate effect: wide open gate...oblivious Ashley and escaped Golden Retriever.

It took me a few hours yesterday morning to realize she was gone, too. I had the kids up early for Bible study, then I hopped in the shower and did some chores. When I got downstairs to let out Bailey, apparently, she was already out and who knows where. When my eyes spotted the open gate from our backyard, I experienced a moment of sheer panic. 

She's not usually a runner, but something got into her and she was gone.  Kyle and I drove the streets around our neighborhood for over an hour - no sign of her.  He made and put up "Lost Dog" posters and we prayed and prayed and prayed. It was frigid yesterday, and despite our dog's Golden Retriever coat, she is an inside dog and largely unprepared for the elements! 

As the sun set yesterday and the temps dropped even lower, our family prayed earnestly that a nice, dog-loving family had brought our girl in from the cold and was taking care of her.  I know there are lots of dog-lovers around here, but still...I could hardly sleep last night.  Bailey was baby before I had babies! We've had her for 10 years!!!! 

And around 11:00 this mid-morning, I got the sweetest call from my husband who asked if I wanted my dog back. I squealed in delight and said, yes yes yes!!!!! Turns out, she was taken in by a very nice family just down the road from me who had been about to make "Found Dog" signs when they saw our "Lost Dog" signs. They took excellent care of her and I think we may have made some friends in the process.   

Thank the Lord for prayers answered, "Yes!" And for the safe return of my prodigal Bailey-Bug.

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  1. OH Bailey! Praise God she was found! She's such a sweetheart and it's really amazing that she was taken in by a family who was WILLING to make found dog posters.

    So happy you got her back :)

  2. So glad she was safe! She is the sweetest.