Flashback and Snow Day

11:06 AM

Don't you just love waking up to find it snowing outside?  I do. I had a hard time sleeping last night - I'm fighting off a cold and body aches and also just finding it hard to get cozy in any position.  So to open my blinds this morning and see white flakes drifting down and coating my trees, the car, our yard...it filled me with great happiness. So much so that I refused to budge from my bed until almost 11. The kids and I piled in, loaded up the covers, each got our stack of books and proceeded to just read together until our hunger forced us downstairs to look for breakfast (honey-nut Cheerios). 
From our friends in Chicago. Now THAT is some snow.
 I absolutely love days like this and have no desire to do much of anything. Ok, maybe make some cookies as a thank you to the people who took in Bailey.  And do some yoga.

But largely, just to enjoy being cozy and snug with my family and pets. 

Or just look at old pictures that Kyle finds and sends me....
Studying for my MBA program (03-04) with our 3 dogs: Zoey (a foster dog), Darby, Bailey
I look like a little kid!! And kind of like my sister, Rachel! 

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  1. I thought that was Rachel for a split second. Wow, I didn't realize there was such a resemblance.