Pajama Party!

4:30 PM

 Don't mind me, I'm just gonna catch some Zzz's over here under the bench!

 Brooklyn was super duper excited to see her buddy, Lake, who is six months older than Brooklyn. B was quick to tell her, "I'm 5 too!!!!" It cracked me up how B hunched her shoulders over like a little old lady! No idea what that was about!

 Brooklyn and August instruct Lake on the rules of the Madeline game. Lake was skeptical. 

 August and his cousin Sawyer play at the "cars" station. Due to our bizarre weather, it was high 60's outside and my house heated up rapidly as people arrived. August quickly got his flushed cheeks...

The kids anxiously eye the food... 

The insides of the yummy cake. Just as delicious as it was beautiful.

 My friends, Alana and Julia, catch up. (While sitting in the exact same pose, I just noticed).

 Michael and his girlfriend, Beth, observe the surrounding mayhem.

 Gift opening time is mass-chaos. All her buddies felt they should be right up there on top of B as she opened her gifts. She didn't seem to mind.

And to top it all off...a new tiara! The party was a huge hit. Brooklyn and all her friends were super happy. And I didn't go into labor. (Although I wouldn't have minded...)

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