False Alarm

1:14 PM

As our weather is apt to do, it got crazy yesterday. The temperature hovered in the high 70's with a sickening humidity cloaking everything. Better to stay indoors...

And around 4:00, the sky darkened threateningly and a huge storm blustered its way through our neighborhood. Water pouring from the skies so hard that it literally was a few inches deep on my porch, which is in no way blocked or walled by anything. It just came down so fast and hard it had nowhere to go. Winds whipped about, knocking out power lines across the state. And there were tornado sirens shrilling for over an hour. I flipped on the news (something I only do when storms are involved) and watched the radar track across the state. My kids woke up, terrified by the thunder, and it occurred to me...this is weather that puts people into labor.

By the time Kyle came home from work, the temperature outside had dropped and I was having some really really hard, regular Braxton Hicks, or maybe just baby contractions.

These lasted all night, turning into the real thing somewhere between midnight and 2. I just knew we'd be having a baby today! I could barely sleep thinking about it and feeling them work across my stomach. Then, somewhere around 5, they fizzled.  I have still been having a few of them...and I really do believe it's getting close. But, so far, despite my excitement mingled with trepidation, it appears to have been either Act 1, or a False Alarm.

Keep me in your prayers - I would love nothing more than to do this! NO more false alarms!

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  1. Praying for you! I remember too being so ready for both #3 and #4 and had several false alarms with #3 and one with #4 (#2 came 3 1/2 weeks early and with your first--don't know what to expect). Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures of your precious new little one:-) And, love all your latest knitting creations--have you seen the cute little hats that have bear's ears or look like an owl?

  2. I'll be waiting for the announcement!

  3. Such exciting times! You guys are in my prayers!!

  4. Praying for you, sweet friend!!