The Party is ON!

4:16 PM

For Brooklyn's 5th birthday party, Kyle and I came up with the idea to hold the party on  Friday night and do a pajama party. Brooklyn gave us no specific directions other than that she wanted both cake and cupcakes. The rest was up to us. So Kyle cut out stars to hang from the ceiling, we made sleeping bag "play" stations, came up with a color scheme and instructed all the guests to come in their jammies. Adults, included.

Brooklyn and August can't WAIT for people to arrive so they can dig in to the sweets behind them!

 This absolutely gorgeous concoction was made by a friend of mine (she also works with Kyle) who is, perhaps, one of the most talented cake bakers/decorators I've ever seen. She can do anything and she does it in her spare time. I met her at Kyle's office last week to go over some possibilities and she showed me an idea she had for a cake and some matching cupcakes. I was sold!

I borrowed Anna's tablecloth and pulled out all my vintage aluminum colored dishes in matching colors, filled them with candy hearts, jelly beans, twizzlers, pretzels, popcorn, pixie sticks and animal crackers. 

I was so impressed by Lindsey's work. I knew she was good, but this was just masterful. Beautiful as well as delicious!

I am so ready for my party in my blowfish pj's and my princess crown!!!!

Oh yeah! It's my birthday! And my party!!!

When will my friends get here????

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  1. That. cake. is. amazing!!! LOVE IT! Wow. So cute!