A Watched Pot

11:52 AM

You know the drill.  When you anxiously wait for something to occur, it inevitably takes twice as long. Or seems to.

That is where I find myself today. 38 weeks pregnant and on the whole, no real complaints beside my cracking pelvic bone (hopefully it just FEELS like it's cracking). Baby seems to be quite happy in there, although from what I can tell, it's heading south. It's kind of funny to run my hands over my belly and feel quite distinctly this little one's body parts.  Starting at the top left is a little bottom end which curves down the left side of my belly in the smooth curve of a back. The knees must be tucked up into its belly with a restless right leg that likes to stretch out and poke out the right side of my belly. I can almost tickle that foot, it's so distinct at times. I can also feel tiny little hands tickling my lower belly down by my hip bones. That's kind of crazy. 

For awhile, we were thinking this little one would be born posterior (meaning sunny-side up) and potentially giving me all kinds of back labor grief. But it definitely seems to have shifted so it's back is facing out. I'm so hoping it stays in this position. We'll see. It's not like I'll be opting for an epidural either way. No matter what. For starters, the anesthesiologist won't be making house calls. And secondly, my intense phobia with needles and backs...thud (that was me passing out and hitting the floor).

Although my strongest desire is that this little one would come any day now and grace me with the pleasure of holding it in my arms instead of my midsection, I must confess that there is a certain degree of pleasure to be found in the unknown of the timing.  When you get to a certain point, you know that it could literally happen any time, any day. You don't know how labor will start or what you'll feel like when you wake up that morning. You just know it could happen. At. Any. Moment. 

And although the suspense can get frustrating, I like it. I like not knowing the gender. I like not knowing the date and time. I pray constantly that it will be soon...like today! But regardless, I enjoy the suspense.  This is one girl who never ever ever ruins a surprise for herself.

My labor with Brooklyn began with a frantic urge to vacuum every square inch of my entire house - a house that we had just moved into a few days before labor began. Boxes were piled everywhere, nothing was set up and my nesting instincts flew into overdrive, almost causing me physical pain. I started leaking amniotic fluid and the gig was up. I went to the hospital later that day and had her the next morning at 6:00 am. I was 39 weeks pregnant.

With August, I was sleeping soundly in Brooklyn's bed because her mattress was so much more comfy to me at the time. I was dreaming I was in pain and I woke up to feel contractions rolling down my body with alarming regularity. This was at 4 in the morning. I snuck back into my room, grabbed my Timex and started timing.  At 6:30, I woke Kyle up to let him know that the day was here. By 8:30, my sister-in-law, Melissa was hanging out with Brooklyn at our house. I had a baby boy in my arms at 4:00 that afternoon. I was 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

This time....who knows? I'm just trying hard not to watch that clock and over-analyze every little Braxton-Hicks or pain I feel. This may be the time when I go the full 40 weeks. I certainly hope not! In any case, I know one thing for dern sure. 

The water will boil. This baby will be born.

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  1. I'm so excited for you!!! But I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's earlier rather than later. My sister in law is five days overdue, and I think it's safe to say she's "done." :)

    Heck. At 34 weeks I feel "done." :)

  2. Gosh, this pregnancy has seemed to fly by! Has it been 38 weeks already?!?

    Oh the last 3 weeks was the worst for me. Eva came a mere 5 days early and Izzy was born right smack dab on her due date, the little stinker. Either way, this girl, who struggles with a lack of patience and a disdain for surprises, did not do well with the unknown of the last few weeks.

    I'm praying for you, sweet friend <3 I'm glad you're able to stay calm and serene while we wait, cuz I'm pacing back and forth enough for the both of us ;)

  3. See if you can manage to squeeze him/her out by March 12 or 13. We'll be coming to LR then!

  4. Sarah, if I'm still pregnant by March 12, I will be one very unhappy woman. I look forward to seeing you!

  5. Praying for this little one to come soon! Can't wait to meet him/her!!!!

  6. I am so glad the baby turned to face the right way! I was praying for that. I still recall the back labor I had when Ashlen was posterior. I can't wait to hear when you have this little one. I will be in town the week of the 14th, so hopefully our little ones can have their first "playdate".