Seen While Driving

10:05 AM

I am literally kicking myself for not stopping to take a picture of what I saw the other day while driving to Sam's. Kicking myself! I'll have to make do with visual approximations.

In the parking lot of Target was parked the most ginormous RV - you know, the ones that cost about $800,000. Something a lot like what's below.

Does this not resemble an overgrown grasshopper? Just a little? If you've ever seen the Bug movie, it looks a lot like Hopper...I'm just saying...

So, just parked willy-nilly in this parking lot was the above object.  And when you typically see them, they're usually hauling behind them the requisite Jeep Wrangler or something equally sporty and portable.   There's usually a "type." Which makes what this particular RV was hauling more than a little unusual. 

A black Suburban.  No small car for this RVing family.

I almost drove off the road (in my own large black SUV) at the sight of this vehicular pairing.  

My first thought was..."Good Lord, the gas they must use just to pull that thing!"

My second thought was..."What a classic picture of American oversizing."

My logical husband countered that thought with..."Ashley, they might be a family too large for a smaller car. They might have to have 3 carseats that won't fit in another car. Like us."

Oh, that does sort of put it into perspective. But still!

My third thought was..."I can't imagine changing lanes while driving that."

And along the lines of RVs...while searching for a picture of an RV, I stumbled upon this...

Yeah, that was my first thought too...Wuhaaaaa???

Apparently, they're now making these things sea-worthy...I'll leave you to ponder that.

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  1. Lol, I'm with ya! I tend to look at scenes like that one and ask, "Okay, now why did that pick THAT RV/car/purse/etc...?" It always amazes me how so many Americans will pick a certain type of something simply because they believe it will elevate their status in some small way.

    Granted Kyle could totally have a point but unfortunately, people like you and Kyle and families like yours are the exception, not the rule...

    Too bad too.