Visitors and Settling In

7:12 PM

Thursday, March 3, 2011 - newly born and sleeping peacefully!

Just let me get some sleep, people. Life here is exhausting.

When my parents and Josh, Lauren and Sawyer showed up Thursday night to meet Dorien, my Dad held Dorien for 2 seconds, confirmed he was indeed a baby and moved on to more interesting people...people like August who was delighted to play Barbie computer games with his RanDad.

Brooklyn had to oversee to make sure that everything was being played properly.

Cousin Sawyer who is looking more and more like a little man himself! And who will have another sibling to contend with sometime around the first of May. 

Sawyer also felt the need for some RanDad (and Barbie computer) time.

Friday, March 4, 2011 - after an extremely sleepless night (for me), Brooklyn raced into my room to hold her newest little brother. August slept with me and was miraculously deaf to his brother's squawks throughout the night.  He woke up at his usual time and said, Mommy, why's he crying? After sleeping better himself, August was pretty happy about hanging out with Dorien.

Brooklyn is a natural! I remember so well being around her age and having new baby brothers to hold. I took it very seriously and was super-protective of "my" babies. So far, Brooklyn is just like that. She gets that he's itty and sleeps most of the time and eats when he's not sleeping, but she has already told me that she really wants to be my helper. I love it. And her. 

Friday, March 4, 2011
One day old and already utterly captivating to me. I am so in love with this little one.

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