A Home Birth Story (in pictures)

5:31 PM

Dorien Valor Floyd
Born 12:00 p.m, March 3, 2011
9 lbs.
21.5 inches

 August and Brooklyn with their backpacks all ready to spend the day at DD's while Mommy has a baby!

 It's over - so much quicker than we anticipated - Praise the Lord! 

Supplies all over - the Dopplar, blood pressure cuff, stitching instruments, charting... 

 The scale...a birthing stool which did not get used except to hold trash bags!

 The oxygen that came in very handy!

 Me, Dorien and my fabulous team of midwives: (from left) Holly, me, Mary and Kim
Holly was actually my labor & delivery nurse when I had August!

The proud parents with their new son. 

 Getting measured and assessed while Mommy takes a bath!

 Mary, my chief midwife, does Dorien's newborn assessment.

 Dorien quickly showed off his impressive set of lungs. And his pteradactyl squawk.

 Ok, then, just listen to my hear if you must...

 Hey little one, nice to finally meet you!

 Part of the midwife kit I ordered was an herbal bath that looked and smelled exactly like tea. It was incredibly soothing for both me and Dorien. Holding the back of his head and letting his body float calmed him down immediately. I'm assuming it felt like floating in the womb, only with more space!

 The kids meet their new baby brother! August had recently been unwillingly woken up from a nap and was not happy. He warmed up quickly to the baby, but still would rather have been asleep. 

Both the kids were so surprised it was a boy. Can't say I blame them! I thought it was going to be a girl, too!

 Brooklyn jumped very quickly into her role as big sister of another baby boy. I could not have been prouder of her.

 Our new family - tired but happy. OH so happy to be at home. 

 DD meets her newest grandson.

August felt much better when he had a chance to hold his new baby brother.

He even went so far as to kiss him! 

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  1. Congratulations Ashley and Kyle! What a beautiful new addition to your family:-) So glad to know that everything went well--I look forward to seeing many more pictures of your precious little one:-0

  2. Oh Ash! I am so thrilled for you! The picture of your new family of 5 is a beautiful sight!! What a blessing to have such a wonderful birth story. We can't wait to meet your new little man! Love you!

  3. What a beautiful, big boy!! So happy for you and so much fun to see the photos and read the birth story. Thanks for sharing with us and I can't wait to meet him!!