A Conversation with August

2:48 PM

August (sauntering down the stairs while he's supposed to be upstairs taking a nap): Mommy! I need my kindoffer...(unintelligible)!

Me (looking confused): Your what?

August (cocking his head to the side, raising his hand palm up as if to say, well, mom...you know..): The kindoffer...(unintelligible)...

Me: I have no idea what you're saying. Come show me.

August strides purposefully into the library, but then begins to pick over his toys as if he himself weren't sure of what it was he was looking for. 

Me: August, you're not making sense. You're making up words and I don't know what you mean. Go upstairs and get back in bed.

August: Mommy! I want my kind(completely unintelligible)!! 

Me: August, until you can show me what you mean, I still think you're just stalling and making up words. Go to bed NOW.

August (bursting into tears): YOU HURT MY FEELINGS! (SOB SOB)

Me (sighing): Come here...(pulling him onto my lap)

August: NO, I'm poopy! 

Ah...ok...after changing his diaper, he hops up, spies a stuffed giraffe and says, I'll take this to sleep with.

Strolling off holding the giraffe, he says: This is my kindhoff (unintelligible).

Sure it is...

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  1. Too funny! He sounds much like Izzy Bee. She'll do anything to delay nap or bed time. One day friend, we're gonna get all these kids in the same room...

  2. Sounds familiar, although Mack's word last week was "shemp". Everything was a shemp, and it was even a verb-"I shemped it, Mama!"