Our Goblin

1:47 PM

This may sound crazy, but there is a goblin living in our house that steals things.  I kid you not. Things mysteriously disappear from around here on an increasingly regular basis.

I'd think mouse if a mouse could feasibly sneak off with the things that have been disappearing. 

Things like...

A stack of papers stapled together containing a knitting project. 

A doll sent to Brooklyn by Kyle's mom. 

A single shoe. 

And those are just the things I've noticed.

This house has been torn apart and so far, the only thing we've been able to find is the single shoe. 

It's incredibly puzzling. And starting to really irritate me.

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  1. We have one of those too...but his name is Charlie. Charlie is 10 months old now and beginning his "adolescent" phase. And, he's discovered shoes...ugh...