Pioneer Woman was here!

2:22 PM

I had the pleasure this afternoon of hearing Ree Drummond (aka the Pioneer Woman) speak at our local library as part of its 2011 Literary Festival. I assumed that the place would be packed with people and arrived about 30 minutes early, fully expecting the line to be miles long. I had already prepared myself to turn around at the site of such a line. 

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I found the line was only about 20 people at that point! I was wearing Dorien in my sling and Kyle took Brooklyn and August up to the children's section to get them some books, so the setup was perfect! A line quickly formed behind me, so I was glad I had showed up when I did. I ended up with a pretty good seat inside, and Ree was all I had hoped she would be.

I fear Ree may have gotten a negative impression of us due to the seriously obnoxious female radio personality who intro'd her. Sheesh. If there was ever a time for a hook to mysteriously appear from the curtains and yank someone off stage, this was it. And I believe I speak for every woman (and the few men) there.  

While standing in line, I called my mom to tell her about the event and she managed to arrive just in time to grab a seat! My sister-in-law, Anna, also showed up! 

Ree was everything I thought she'd be: funny, personable, down-to-earth, genuine and extremely likeable. I felt (as I'm sure every woman feels) that I could easily be friends with her and sorry that I don't get to be part of her life! In any case, having seen her in person, I can now attest to her charm and will be an even more avid reader and fan of her site than before! 

I also managed to spot a few friends, meet some neat ladies and nurse Dorien in public without exposing myself to everyone! And my kids came in and were fantastic! It was a good day! 

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  1. Love the Pioneer Woman--and I am glad to know that she is sweet in real life as she seems to be on her blog:-) I have used many of her recipes and have never been disappointed (except for biscuits, and that is probably just me-I don't have a great track record with dough:-) Glad you are getting out and about! What a fun time for you family.

  2. Very cool! She was here in DC last year, but alas, I didn't make it down to see her :( I've watched a few interviews with her and she just seems so genuine.

  3. How fun! I'm not a big reader of her blog, but I do have her book on reserve from the library. I've heard good things. Glad you could go!