The Spirit is Moving

2:37 PM

Two Sundays ago, at a local church, The Summit Church, the Holy Spirit started moving in a mighty way.  I happened to be at a wedding shower with many people who attend Summit. I got a call later from one of my best friends asking if I'd heard what was going on. 

Apparently, the pastor stopped mid-sermon and said he was basically prompted by the Holy Spirit to stop talking and let Him do some. That church service then morphed into something that sounds vaguely like the Day of Pentecost. The service lasted 3 hours, people lined up to confess, pray, share their needs, admit their brokenness, and on and on.  

It's now Monday, April 11 and prayer meetings have been happening every night at Summit (except Saturday night) and the Spirit hasn't appeared to slow down. People from churches all over the city have been showing up. People from surrounding cities are driving down to ask for prayer for their cities.  

I have yet to attend a meeting, but two of my brothers have and as skeptical as they both usually are, they were both deeply moved by what they witnessed and participated in.  For more specifics on what's been going on, check out the Summit Church blog (  

I have lived in this town my whole life and I don't think I've ever seen something like this take place.  How amazing our God is. How rarely do we give Him the opportunity to move the way He's capable break and rebuild us the way He desires to liberate us from our personal prisons (Isaiah 61) activate the body of Christ to full shake our expectations and reframe our reality.

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  1. Get yourself over there! Have you ever read God Chasers?

  2. Amazing! I've only heard of this happening and never seen it for myself. How blessed you are to be able to experience it first hand! It starts in His cities...perhaps one day, the nation!