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This may be too much information for you, and if so, then just bypass this post. But for those comfortable with the nitty gritty reality of life, read on. Although, as far as reality goes, this is pretty tame.

Approximately 4 years ago, when I was still breastfeeding Brooklyn and she was able to talk a little, when she was hungry, she would say, "Hungie, Momma, Hungie!" Meaning, she wanted to nurse.  She got to where she would pat my breasts just to reiterate what she wanted. She loved to nurse and I loved nursing her. Breasts became comfort things to her. And as my friends and loved ones know, when she was a little tot, if she felt comfortable with you, she'd slip her hand into your shirt and tuck it into your bra. Sounds bold, but it was a sign of her approval of you. And she certainly didn't mean anything by it. She'd usually fall asleep a minute later. 

So in our house, because of her association of Hungie with nursing....breasts became "Hungies."

It just worked. She could shout to the world, HUNGIE, MOMMIE! and as far as the general public knew, the little girl was just wanting some food! She was, but she was actually being specific as to its source! It was so much better than many other names she could have adopted. And it caught on. 

August used the same term when he was nursing. And my family and friends all know what they're talking about, but that's about it. Except for now, as I let you in on the secret, too.

It's gotten pretty funny, actually, because now that I'm nursing Dorien, the kids mimic that by nursing their little dolls and have their Polly Pockets nurse their pretend children. And the term "Hungie" is flying around our house like crazy. I just overheard the kids playing beside me discussing Hungies. They recently discovered that milk came from cow and goat hungies. They thought it was awesome that they make milk just like I do.:)
I did point out that cows and goats hungies are actually called udders. They thought that word was hilarious! Which, it is. 

And now, when I sit down to nurse Dorien, I often find myself accompanied by both Brooklyn and August, each with their own version of a Boppy pillow and some stuffed animal who gets the privilege of their hungies. Yesterday, August was nursing Shamu, the killer whale. (ouch) I tried so hard to hold in my laughter and not hurt his feelings.  If you've never seen your 5 year old hitch up her shirt to nurse, it's a hoot. And at least I know my kids are learning the business! Although, I seriously doubt August's skills will be called upon...maybe he'll just be a strong supporter of his future wife.

So, now you are free to use "hungie" as a discrete code word for something else! 

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  1. This is so funny. My girls call them "Milkies" and they both go around nursing their dolls, horses, name it, they nurse it.