4:36 PM

 April 8, 2011
Dorien is actually awake for a change!

 My two boys. Dorien and August.

 Starting to smile!!!

April 12, 2011
Back to his normal position: asleep. 

August's attempt to hang up his shirt. At least he tried! 

 Dorien and Daddy. Dorien was 6 weeks old the day this picture was taken.

 Ah yes...the first great storm of April 2011 hit Goshen with a hateful ferocity. At 2:15 am last Thursday, winds at 90mph gusted through our street, carrying along a tornado that we believe hovered, but didn't touch down. Tornado veterans identified the characteristic sound. Sirens went off, we spent a few hours in our basement, giant trees came down all over Park Hill - falling into houses, on top of houses, between houses and in our case, behind our house. 

Over 15,000 houses lost power - in our case, we lost power from Thursday night to Saturday night.

 Tree guys were all over the place removing the fallen trees. Here are our tree guys cutting down the giant hackberry that fell behind our house.

 I don't like April. I hate storms. And we have another one moving in this evening. I'm already praying that God protects us tonight and allows our power to stay on!!

 April 18, 2011
Smiling at his favorite person: me! 

 In his favorite position - smushed up on my shoulder like a little barnacle.

 I have a nearly permanent drool spot on my left shoulder from this guy.

It's only fair that you get the full view of my little crustacean.

Have you ever seen a cuter smushy face?

Oh. At his 6 week visit yesterday, my little Dorien weighed 14 pounds!

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  1. Dorien is beautiful and you look amazing! Don't know how you do it!

    I hate that so much damage took place during the storm, but am grateful that you're all safe. We have a whole week of thunderstorms lined up over here, so I can relate. Although the only real inconvenience for us thus far has been a bit of cabin fever.

    Love you guys!

  2. Those pictures are too cute!!! Definitely a cute smushy face. So sorry you guys lost power during that time. These storms are scary. I'm not so sure I like this tornado alley business!