Box Day

8:00 AM

 When I got the email saying my order had been shipped, I was ridiculously happy. When it said the boxes would arrive this past Saturday, I was giddy. Brooklyn and August and I were on high alert all day. Everytime anything remotely sounding like a delivery truck rumbled down our street, we all dashed to a window to see if it was FedEx.

Finally, around 5:00, the FedEx truck pulled up to my door and the guy carried these two boxes, weighing over 50 pounds total, into my house. When Brooklyn woke up from her nap and came downstairs, she screamed, "Is that our homeschool stuff!????"

Unwrapping the boxes and checking things against the packing slip. This was so much fun. Better than Christmas. And yes, if you notice my kids constantly in their undies, it's true. It's not how they start out their day, but they play hard and they get hot and strip down. I apologize if this offends you. 

Science experiment DVDs, Handwriting Without Tears chalkboard...books and books and books... 

Just a bird's eye view of some of the box contents.

 My master binder of Instruction Guides, appendixes, etc. Wow.

The boxes came equipped with an interior diagram for transforming the box into a castle. That was Daddy's job while I sorted and organized. The kids had so much fun turning this castle into Polly Pocket Castle! 

For lack of a better spot right now, I organized all the books inside one of the boxes. Read-alouds, history, science, fun! 

 Pulling out some bedtime reading material for myself. I actually ended up spending multiple nights reviewing the instructor guides. This is all so new to me..

Meanwhile, Dorien is anxious to get involved in the playtime with Brooklyn and August.

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