It's my Birthday!

2:48 PM

Not this little guys'. His Mommy's.  But I'd rather look at picture of him!

I'm 34 today and finding that hard to believe. But I'm also happier today than I've ever been before. And more delighted with where God has taken and continues to take my life than ever before.

I am the most blessed of all women. One fabulous husband, three healthy beautiful children. A wonderful family with fabulous brothers and sisters who love me and is there for me and Kyle and our kids night or day. A beautiful house and so many things I don't deserve. God has been so good to me.

These are the days that pass too quickly. The moments that I will look back on and wonder why they felt more like blips in time. 

Man, I love being able to enjoy smiles like this every day. To be the reason those smiles happen. To see that cute little dimple in his right cheek. To kiss and touch his insanely soft skin.

Life is such a delicate balance of happy, sad, ups and downs, being healthy and sick, teaching and learning...the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. That doesn't stop me from trying to keep learning, though. I find myself a sponge...reading, listening, gleaning, soaking up and then hopefully being wrung out onto my little ones, filling them up. Not just with life's lessons but with spiritual lessons and tales from my daily journey of faith.

I like where 34 years has taken me.

I love the pterodactyl sounds this guy belts out with such glee and enthusiasm.

I hope I never take for granted the here and now and its occupants.

This is my present and my life and my joy.

And I look forward to every moment that follows.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! Such cute pictures of your little guy.

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet one... I find joy in your happiness. I miss you sooooo much!!!