The Greatest Show on Earth!

3:50 PM

 A few weeks ago, on a Wednesday, Kyle happened to notice that the circus was coming to town. 

Ironically, we were also reading Pippi Longstocking to the kids and had just read the part where Pippi goes to a circus and causes all kinds of trouble. On Thursday, Brooklyn asked me, in her hilarious Brooklyn way, if there were circuses in this world.  Her way of drawing lines of distinction between fiction and reality. 

I said, yes, there were circuses.  She asked if we could go to one.

I called Kyle and told him about our conversation. He purchased tickets for the Friday evening show.

I'm not sure who was more excited, the kids or the parents.

Getting ready for some circus action! They were literally on the edge of their seats.  

My squealy, happy Dorien who slept through 90% of the show.  

Is there anything better than performing horses, ponies and camels? 
After every act, August would clap and clap and clap and then turn to me to make sure I was clapping too. It was important that we all clap. 

These crazy acrobats were flying through the air from one wooden beam to another. It was pretty cool. By the way, I think to achieve optimum fitness and rock-hard abs, we apparently all need to join the circus.

 August was beyond overwhelmed. Brooklyn was just gleeful.

Although there were no tigers or lions to perform (and I was a little sad about that), there were elephants. And I dearly love elephants. They just make me happy. And they made my kids so very happy too.

The occasional circus is good for your overall well-being, I think.

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  1. Fun!! I love the circus! Looks like you had a great time!