Michael and Beth's Wedding

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So these days I'm averaging one post a week. I hope to improve on that average. It's just that, as you'll see with subsequent posts, I've been busy getting our supplies ready for school. That is, Goshen Academy aka Ecole De Goshen, which will commence its flagship location on Monday. I also launched and have been posting on an internal blog for DD&F which keeps me busy. Not to mention just the everyday hustle and bustle of being a mom and wife! 

The pictures below are from Michael and Beth's wedding on Saturday, July 30.  If you find it odd that there are no pictures of the bride and groom, I apologize profusely. I wasn't able to man the camera and corral the kids/barnacle and also get pictures of the main characters. I'll try to get some pictures from another source because Beth was stunningly beautiful, as were her bridesmaids. Wow.

Upon arrival at the church, which happens to be OUR church, it was time to get dressed. August was so ready to get suited up. Literally. It's funny because I wore a white shirt and these dressy shorts which were sort of shimmery gold and completely without meaning to, I matched the colors of the groomsmen perfectly! (Shorts were a STEAL at Anthropologie: $19 on sale!) 

Double-knotting the dress shoes so there were no loose laces as he walked down the aisle. 

 Fortunately, the length of the tie was hidden by his jacket. I realize it's way too long to be fashionable. But they apparently aren't all that concerned with details like that on 3 year olds.

 If Michael was nervous, there was no sign of it. He helped keep August loose and having fun.

 And now to prepare the Flower Girl. She looked simply lovely in her gown and with her new white slippers. Lovely lovely.

Ta da! 
She's definitely a little lady now. Long, lean, coltish and so precious. She keeps asking me when she should start getting wiggly teeth. 

Much love to the brother and sister.

 It was one long day at the church for us. We were up early in order to eat breakfast and get to the church by 11:00, as instructed. We were told pictures would begin at 11:15. In reality, it was a good hour later. The wedding was at 2, and we didn't leave until 4:30. It was a very long day for my little barnacle. Fortunately, if I'm around and his blankets are handy, he'll sleep on the fly.

 Rene, our Rwandan, looked super handsome! We were astonished when he rolled out this sweet black suit and snazzy shoes! He was total GQ! One of my brothers actually had to borrow his tie for pictures. This was his first American wedding and he was fascinated by it all.

 My mother, all dolled up for the wedding, poses with her granddaughter. My sister-in-law, Lauren, did her hair and make-up and it was perfection. Elegant, subtle and glamorous at the same time. Great job.
And don't worry - those are not the shoes she wore. Just her pre-wedding comfy shoes.

 Handsome Randad with Brooklyn and August.

 I'm ready.

 Me, too! 
Please note the precious basket which Beth made herself! 

As we waited for them to come do family pictures, I kept adjusting Brooklyn's sash. Rachel, just in from California, hung out with us at the front of the Chapel. 

 Rachel and August.

 Is that dadbern bow right yet??? One final adjustment...

 Peek-a-boo! After the ceremony is over, we all relax and dig in to some yummy food. Kyle catches me with food in my mouth. 

Believe it or not, this fellow did amazing. Walked down the aisle without a single hesitation, even with the seats packed with people. I was so proud of him! He also managed to clean several plates of food and not get a single drop on his suit. I know adults who didn't manage that.

Funny wedding moments...

After the ceremony, as the wedding party left the room, Brooklyn thought she was supposed to pick up the flower petals she'd dropped on the aisle. I had forgotten to tell her that she didn't need to do that! But from a mother's perspective, I was thrilled that she was ready and willing to clean up after herself!

Also, just after the wedding party came down the aisle, took their places and the preacher began his spiel, my little Dorien took that moment to blow out his britches. It was so loud that people within 3 or 4 rows all turned their heads to look at us. Not only that, it was bubbling up from the back of his diaper like a yellow volcano. I was frozen. I didn't want to leave to change him and miss the whole wedding, but I had to do something! I contemplated just changing him right there on the empty seat beside me, except that with the copious amounts working their way up his back, it would have gotten EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, a friend of mine was sitting behind me and she offered to take him and change him for me. I met up with her after the ceremony and she informed me that in all her years of changing diapers, Doriens' was a record. It literally cleaned out my pack of wipes. 

But what's a wedding without some good moments like that?

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  1. Oh, my goodness! Those stories are hilarious. Beautiful pictures of you all!

  2. Beautiful pictures--your family is so pretty:-) Babies must know when to have a blowout--it always happened to me when we were out and about (mine like to do it when we were traveling somewhere so I then got to try and change them on the front seat while I stood outside:-) Good luck on Monday--I can't wait to hear how everything goes.