Kindergarten, Day 1

2:04 PM

 This was my dining room table a few weeks ago. Chaos. Something that drives me crazy. 

Since I set August 15th as the first day of our school, I had to make some of this chaos fall into order. That meant moving my sewing machine out of sight, putting the ironing board back up (which meant I actually had to iron...) and finding space for the new school supplies and materials. 

Is it perfect yet? 

No. But it's in the process of falling into place.

 A good breakfast is essential! Does whole wheat bagels with cream cheese and fruit count? 

Brooklyn was so excited that we were starting homeschool today!  

So was Dorien!

August was pretty excited too. 

Will there be homework?

Not to worry, Dorien, we'll help you!

First Day of School! My 5 year 

Bright, eager, smart, energized and the apple of my eye.

Handsome, sweet, sensitive, gentle, also smart and my precious son.

August's first day of school, also. He's 3! And he participates in most of the school, so long as he's up for it.

Making a letter page for our letter of the week: F.

Since those pictures were taken, we have finished up our first week and are into week 2. 

How's it going? Good! I am learning how to manage our time, to break things up, to make things fun and interesting and to be patient. The kids are learning about Bible stories, Egyptians, the weather, continents, the days of the week, months of the year, Romans 3:23 and Acts 16:31 so far, the letters B and F, handwriting skills, sorting, dinosaurs, air...

We're reading from the first Boxcar Children book, poems from several different sources, history, science...we have tadpoles that we're watching grow...

We open our day with reading from a kids Bible and then sing our memory verse for the week (which correspond with a letter of the alphabet). We read from one of several different history books and use a timeline to keep track of who lived when. We learn geography. We do read-alouds from our books and poems, sometimes while doing art, sometimes while playing on the floor. We learn our letters and practice some handwriting. We touch on basic things such as names, address, days of the week and months of the year, calendars. We read from our science books and do science experiments...

We stop periodically to do exercises and get our blood moving! I work in nursing Dorien and trying to get him down for naps.

Like I said, we're figuring things out as we go. But so far, I'm amazed at how quickly they're learning. And it is truly awesome to be right there to see it and be part of the process. 

That's not to say there aren't moments of frustration on my part and on Brooklyn's. Or August's. Sometimes he'd love to go play but is afraid he'll miss something.  He's also reluctant to leave the side of his best buddy, Brooklyn. There are also the squirmy wormy moments when I have to remind myself they learn different ways. Brooklyn is a wiggly learner. But she has a mind like a steel trap. And then there are the moments when I wish Dorien would just stop spitting up on the rug and just go to sleep. But that's life. 

And I'm sharing it with you!

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