A Dog and a Cat

7:00 AM

When we first introduced Aesop, the tiny kitten, to Singer, the energetic Golden Retriever, I worried about the cat. Singer has been known to forget how large she is and just tromp on things.

Seems I was worrying for nothing. This cat has never shown an ounce of fear towards Singer. Aesop still has his front claws (for the moment), and I think he made sure Singer knew he had those claws from the get-go. But once that was understood, Singer gained a new best friend. 

When Singer's confined to the kitchen (due to aforementioned rowdiness), Aesop jumps the baby-gate and proceeds to wrestle with Singer for hours until he wears Singer out.
I find them like this on the floor. Singer resting with Aesop draped over her face, carefully cleaning his buddy with his scratchy cat tongue. 

Until Singer has enough and traps a paw in her mouth. But harm is never done. 
And I worry no more about either the cat or the dog being bored or lonely. 
They have each other and that seems to be a good pairing.

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