Trees, Naps and Fancy Coffee

7:00 AM

Trees are such wonderful things, until they greatly inconvenience you by dying for no good reason.
I've heard it asked, "If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone know or care?"
If a tree dies in your front yard...a really big tree, no less...then people care. Particularly neighbors in close proximity to said dead tree. And to me, because it looks ghastly to have a tree carcass just sitting there looking dead. And another thing about get them for free when you buy a house.
But you have to pay for them considerably when they decide their life has ended.

Cause their removal is rarely something you can manage on your own. It requires professional tree removers.
And the occasional massive bucket truck.

And plywood laid over your yard and lots of crewmen to haul away the limbs they cut down. 
But the good news, in this case, was that I happened to find a great company who cut my enormous dead tree down for a really good price, took the care to not destroy my yard, and hauled all the limbs away. Not to mention the entertainment the whole thing provided for my kids and the neighbors!

In other aspects of our world...
I apologize for the darkened picture (iphone camera), but I had to capture the sweetness of this moment. A girl relaxing on her bed with a good book and her cat close by.

Meanwhile, the boys "napped" in their room reading their own books.
Is there anything more delightful than seeing your kids engrossed in books? 

And then this little stinker who told me to get my phone and take a picture of him in his crock.
Speaking of sweet things Dorien has done lately - he came and found me reading on my bed the other evening and climbed up beside me. In his words, he wanted to "Cuddle with me and talk to me." 
My cup runneth over.

To further brighten my life, my precious sister-in-law, Anna, and my brother, Zach, recently gifted Kyle and I with this absolutely amazing espresso machine. It used to grace Anna's parents' lake house, but when they sold the lake house, the coffee gadget was inherited by Zach and Anna who never quite used it.  Kyle and I being avid coffee fans, they thought we might enjoy it.
Espressos, single cups of steaming coffee, cappuccinos, lattes with the push of a button! 
And the timing couldn't be better since our old coffee maker had begun leaking all over our counter every time we brewed a pot. Next time you're over our way, forget about Starbucks! Stop on by and I'll whip you up something dreamy - complements of Zach and Anna. Love you guys!!!

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  1. Good thing you just got that coffee maker or I would've been at your house every day!! :)