Ruched Maternity Shirt...With a Dress!

7:24 PM

This was a sewing weekend! 

Using a Megan Nielsen pattern for a Shirred Maternity Shirt, I sewed up this little navy blue number.
The pattern could be made with sleeves, short or long, or not at all. Given the hot weather, I opted for not at all. This was also an incredibly easy shirt to sew. 

The view from the back...

The pattern also had some suggestions as to how the pattern might be altered. One suggestion was to turn the shirt into a dress by extending the hemline and tapering it slightly at the hem. I have never attempted anything like this, and it was a bit risky, given my totally amateur sewing skills, but it turned out pretty well, I think! Using my serger to sew the front and back pieces together speeds things up CONSIDERABLY! I used my regular sewing machine to do the gathering on the front and to hem the sleeves, neckline and hemline.

When I was cutting out the front and back pieces, I just extended it to the length of my knees and hoped for the best! (Don't you love the face I'm making? August is making a face back at me off-camera.)

I think there is plenty of room for additional belly growth, although it seems like I couldn't get any bigger if I tried! This also serves as a 27 week belly picture.

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  1. Love the newest creations! Thanks for the b'day greetings! Hope the kiddos are feeling better. That didn't sound like fun.

  2. So cute! Great work, Momma!