August Turns 5

5:04 PM

My handsome August turned 5 this past Wednesday, July 17th.
In some ways, it was just a matter of celebrating his actual birthday, because he's felt 5 to me for a long time now.  He's getting so tall and lean and is so smart...he's just seemed older than 4.  It could have something to do with him already going through kindergarten this past year while Brooklyn did her first grade work. In any case, while he SEEMS older, he really did just turn 5 this past week.  

In our tradition, we didn't have a regular birthday party, but we celebrated our own way - with an All-Day-Family Party. This means Kyle took off from work and the whole day from start to finish was dedicated to celebrating August's birthday. And what did he want to do on his birthday? Well, to climb, of course!
And eat do-nuts from Shipleys for breakfast.

When Brooklyn turned 7 this past February, she wanted to go to the Climbing Center and climb she did! The girl turned out to be part spider monkey.
August, on the other hand, was not yet 5, which is the minimum age for climbing. So we promised him we'd take him for his birthday. He remembered this promise and held us to it.

This means that Dorien, just being 2, couldn't climb, but he could definitely snack! And cheer on his older siblings! Which he happily did. He munched on cucumbers and apple slices and generally looked cute.

Brooklyn strapped herself in and hit the walls!
Fortunately, it being a week day, the place was pretty quiet and our kids sort of ruled the roost for a few hours! It was a nice way to spend a few hours.

Long, lean, twiggy and just BARELY heavy enough to pull the auto belay back to the ground.

At last, that foot touches down! 

August was very happy to climb with his big sister. It's so lovely that they truly are friends as well as siblings.

Given August's slightly more cautious personality, he took to climbing differently than Brooklyn.
He was certainly capable and determined, but he wasn't as bound and determined to touch the top of the wall like Brooklyn was.

He studied each step carefully and measured the distances. He really did a great job. Wore me out just watching them.

To the top!

Snack time!

Race you to the top!

Think I'm done, Mom and Dad...

After the climbing was over, we had lunch at the Purple Cow (some really yummy black bean burgers), complementary purple ice cream for the birthday boy, and then he spent the evening playing with his new set of Legos and eating the 4 Layer Pie which he picked for his birthday dessert. 

All in all, it was a very full 5th birthday. 
I couldn't be prouder of my precious son.

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