More Hair 'Speriments

7:00 AM

There are mornings when Brooklyn comes to me to do her hair and I pause, scratch my chin and ponder. What can we do that will keep her hair up out of her way and look cute?
What might work? 

If you happen to look at what I've been pinning on Pinterest, one of my things right now is hairstyles that could potentially be used on my daughter's rapidly growing hair.

This particular morning, I thought I'd try out a sideways french braid.

So I did one. But there was so much hair left that, unfortunately, really needed washing, so.... 

I decided to do a second french braid right under the first horizontal one.

Sort of different...

Then, since I had two braid ends sticking out there to the right, I twisted them together and tied them up. 
Out of her way, nice and feminine and my job here is done!

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