Heidi Braids!

10:42 AM

Doing hair on little girls is so extremely fun! Brooklyn's hair is just getting long enough to really get creative with, and poor girl, she's become my guinea pig much more often than I think she likes.

I did a little exploring the other day on hairstyles - I was looking for a tutorial on how to do fishtail braids - and I found one, which means B gets to sit still while I learn on her head. Teehee.

Fishtail braids I haven't mastered, but I am working on them. But french braids I've been doing on myself since I was a little girl. I have no idea how, but I somehow taught myself when I was about B's age. A handy skill since my mom doesn't braid. Although she loves to have her hair braided! 

I was searching around some of my favorite sewing blogs yesterday and saw a sweet picture of a little girl with her hair braided and put up in "Heidi" braids. Is there anything sweeter or cuter? Of course I had to give it a whirl.

Thankfully, Brooklyn was willing to accommodate. The trade-off was that I had to listen to her read to me from her American Girl catalogue. She's dying for an American Girl (and I stubbornly refuse to pay $125 for a doll), so she whittles away at me by reading about the endless variety of accessories and items available.

Oh, and just for funsies, here's my belly as of this morning - 26 weeks and 4 days. 

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