Cricky necks, horse farms, busted lips and weedeatin

11:31 AM

This past weekend has been full of life's little munchies. You know, those things that are the substance of your days... For starters, we are dog-sitting Sophie, our favorite toy fox terrier. She is better than any doorbell, let me tell you. In an attempt to let her out of the house early Saturday morning, while balancing three dogfood bowls and trying to herd the cat and dogs outside, he moved funny and his neck went all wonky. Still attached, but definitely causing him some major pain. For anyone who's ever had a STAGE FIVE "crick" in your neck, you know it changes everything. The world seems darker...your body seems to have a mind of its live in a turn your whole body instead of just your head...and it just plain is annoying! Well, poor Kyle. It seems that his wonky neck tripped some fuses in his brain, momentarily. He has sort of been stumbling around everywhere, and accidentally was the cause of Brooklyn crashing her face onto our hardwood floor (busted lip number one), he forgot to shut the door to our basement last night which meant that our dogs got out and were free to take off and roam the neighborhood and he undercooked our cinnamon rolls this am and forgot to pre-spray with Pam. But, he got so many brownie points for thinking of the cinnamon rolls, that I think all else is moot. How I love my husband!!!

The escaping dog part of the story is where Sophie had her moment of glory. Kyle and I were playing with Brooklyn on our bed, reading her books, when Sophie yapped once, sharply. She usually does this when there is something going on. At first, we ignored her, then she did it again. Kyle trotted downstairs to investigate. After moments of silence, I heard him calling for Bailey and Darby outside. Puzzled, yet still not alarmed, I grabbed B, pulled on some non-pj clothes and headed after him. Turns out, Sophie was letting us know about our escapees! And not a moment too soon, because they were OFF and down the street. Some kindly neighbors pointed Kyle in the right direction and he took off in the car, hoping to entice them to jump in, should he find them. Well, they hadn't made it too far, and he grabbed them - but it was a close call. I should say that anytime our furry monsters get loose, it's scary because they are not like our beloved Riley who sticks around - they are Lewis and Clark, off to map the unexplored world!

Then, this morning, Kyle was serving as an obstacle in B's way and she climbed over only to lose her balance and plant her face once more into our hardwood floor- re-injuring her original busted lip. She's going for the "bee-stung" look.

As to horse farms, we attended a lavish country supper last night for Chad and Melissa who are getting married in T-minus 6 days!! The food was amazing, and this place was to die for. Huge pond, gently rolling hills dotted with quarter horses, a sprawling house with more persian rugs than I have ever seen in one place. Very tastefully, but also lavishly decorated. Thanks Ross and Lollie!!! So much fun!

AND, this morning, I will have you know that I weed-eated..weed-ate? backyard. This is no small feat as I haven't picked up a weed-eater since I was about 15. Plus my backyard is approximately 1 acre... Like riding a bike, the skills came back to me. I scoured those weeds, fought back the ivy from my roses and rock borders and proudly have the shakiest forearms and biceps you've ever seen. My typing is super-shaky right now. It's been awhile since I had the pleasure of being coated with grass particles head to toe. I forgot how much fun that could be! I love the smell of freshly cut grass!!!!

What are weekends for?

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