More from the beach..

8:17 PM

Brooklyn experienced for the first time, the sensation of sand trickling through your fingers. It's amazing to relive all of life's little experiences through the eyes of your child. It's one of God's gifts to you as a parent.
Brooklyn looked so precious with her little pink hat and pink sandles. She had so much fun finding shells and showing them to us - right before she made a beeline with them to her little mouth.

The many coconut trees outside our retreat provided quite the challenge to Josh, Kyle and our friendly neighbors. Who would have thought it could be so difficult to get to the tiny little coconut part? They're like hairy vaults that must be cracked only with a long afternoon and MUCH persistence. And once there, what do you do with it? Thank goodness for pre-shredded bags of coconut! I actually took a coconut home with me to do...I don't really know. And ended up throwing it out after a few weeks of it just sitting there purposeless. Sorry, Josh!

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