Praise the Lord!

11:25 AM

We three Floyds want to give a resounding "PRAISE THE LORD" for the good work He allowed to be done on our dear friend, baby Eva in far away Hawaii. (Although, with the internet, it seems much closer these days).

We are so glad she came through her major surgery with flying colors and is back to her vivacious self! Anne and Paul, I know you are both super relieved that this hurdle is past - and we tip our hats to you at the depth of faith and trust you both displayed under such grueling circumstances. Heart surgery on your precious infant would make the strongest people tremble. But, as we have learned, "they that wait upon the Lord, He will renew their strength." And I know He has done that in your lives.

Can't wait to get you back on the mainland so we can give you some long-awaited HUGS!

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  1. We love you guys so much! Thank you so much for your prayers and support! It was such a comfort during the whole ordeal to know that we had an army of prayer warriors at our defense! Make sure you check out our blog too for pics of Eva in the hospital. I LOVE the video of B! That knee scoot is a riot! I cannot wait to kiss her little cheeks! Seriously though Ash, you are a light to me. I think of you daily and aspire to mimic your steadfastness and kindness. I love you!