Without a Hitch!

7:37 PM

The only hitch at this wedding was the intended one! Melissa Robinson is now Melissa Dennis - the new bride of my brother, Chad Dennis, and my new sister-in-law!!!! Welcome to the Family, Melissa and your family! :) An absolutely delightful time was had by all - the rehearsal went smoothly thanks to St. James' sweet Ms. Anne whose gentle voice sweetly shushed the expected antics of the groomsmen (we bridesmaids already knew what to do - stand, smile, look pretty!), the rehearsal dinner was PACKED and the food was yummy!! And Praise the Lord, the slide show video went perfectly. Man, I was so relieved about that! The bridesmaids bonded, the bachelorette/lingerie party was lavish and Melissa is sure to look luscious in her new lovelies...the groomsmen were all great, my houseguests were precious women that I enjoyed getting to know, the wedding drew a RECORD attendance - filling even the balcony - the reception was packed and great fun, and Chad and Melissa are, in fact, married. Pictures to follow later!

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