Warm Fuzzies

10:14 AM

There were several moments today when I wished I could freeze time, grab the moment from space, and store it in a photo album like Harry Potters' - where you see a moving scene, rather than a photo still. Although, to fully appreciate the moments, you'd need to capture the sense of smell associated with them, too.

1) Brooklyn walking across the room by herself - tottery steps, chubby little arms waving about for balance, chubby little legs striding purposefully in their wide-legged, zombie-esque stance, moving a little too quickly, as though she knows if she doesn't get to her destination really quickly, she's likely to lose her balance and end up on her botttom!

2) Looking down from my 5'6 3/4" height into the laughing brown eyes of my 29" daughter whose head is peering up at me from between my knees as I prepare dinner. Hearing her little baby voice say "hey!" to grab my attention. Having no choice but to reach down and swing her up into my arms - messy hands and all - to give her the squeeze and kisses she wants.

3) Pulling my freshly baked Caramelized Leek & Celery Tart from the oven, inhaling the scent of baking pastry crust, a hint of mustard and a warm smell of yumminess - 100% made from scratch to fill the hungry bellies of my beloved husband and baby girl. I really love to cook, and even more so when I know it's for my two favorite people! And yes, Brooklyn loved the tart!

4) Watching Brooklyn squeal with delight at the sight of her beloved Bailey (our golden retriever)! Observing quietly as Bailey flops down on our cool hardwood floors and not even raising her furry head when Brooklyn wedges her little body up against Bailey's tummy and hind legs, tucking herself in to her doggie so she can pat Bailey and read her book at the same time.

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