Sneaky Walker and Cell Phone Stalker!

2:14 PM

I read today that Brooklyn's best friend, Lily, is apparently RUNNING! This is exciting and yet, sad news, as this means that Lily is growing up (a good thing) and now able to get into everything and then run with it (a bad thing)!

Brooklyn, I have noticed in the last two days, is fully capable of walking around at her leisure, but chooses ONLY to do it when my back is turned. How bizarre is this? When Kyle got home from work yesterday, he was changing clothes in Brooklyn's future bedroom (Guest bedroom #2), and the little stinker walked from window to the door - about 16 steps. However, the minute he called me in there to observe this monumental feat, she dropped to her knees and started scooching. So, I am left to deduce that with me around, she prefers the speed of her knees...since she can't wait to be where I am....or she wants to wait and show off her skills to me when they are fully developed? Hard to say. I'm really not in any hurry for her to take off walking. She's fast enough as it is!

She grabbed my cell phone - which is her CONSTANT quest these days - flipped it open and was in the middle of downloading who-knows-what-ringtone (at who knows what charge) before I could get out a word! She saw me coming after her, squealed at the prospect of a good chase, and zipped away on her speedy knees! I actually had to chase her around the corner before I could grab my phone away from her little fingers! She is nimble, that one! And her fingers are quick! Who knows what she's capable of doing to my phone! She ruined my last phone by munching on and drooling on it (no I do not LET her do this - see previous comments about her speed). I didn't think I'd have to worry about her racking up cell phone charges until she was much older. Little did I know. They learn quick. We've gone beyond water damage to surfing the net and purchasing ring tones. Oh, she's also managed to erase several unheard voicemails. Sorry, everyone, if they were from you!

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