August at 15 months

7:45 PM

What a load of hair! About time to remove the mullet.
Oh yeah, totally licking the window.
Get low on the "Mou-mou"
Up we come...

Squealing in delight...and what is the deal with the finger in the mouth???
Mommy - dog-dog!!!

That soup was finger-lickin good.

And my latest and greatest favorite....
Hm...really want to hear this thing hit the floor...
It's coming, Mom! Get ready!!!

(the expression you see accompanies the "OHHHHH" part). Priceless.

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  1. Ugh...Izzy does the same thing! We went out for dinner last night and she dropped her cup 12 times! At one point, I would hand it back to her only for her to look me in the eye and purposely drop it again! It was funny a few times and then it got annoying.

    I Love August's Uh-Oh face!

  2. Wow! August has a "new" look. I think he looks more like Brooklyn with those adorable brown eyes and soft, sweet hair! Aren't little boys just hilarious??? Hope you all are doing well!