Pumpkin Patch

7:07 PM

Last Saturday, we took advantage of a gorgeous sunny day to go to our very first Pumpkin Patch. I was so glad Kyle was around to go with me because it was not the sort of outing I think I could have handled on my own. The place was packed with people, cars, strollers, wagons hauling pumpkins, trailers hauling people back and forth to the pumpkin patch...it was muddy and yet dusty at the same time, but definitely a festive atmosphere. Brooklyn and August were abuzz.

They got to peer at animals up close, poke their heads into haybale tunnels (too scared to venture through), ride ponies, pick a pumpkin, stick their head into a cutout for a picture, saw some friends from the gym and all in all wear themselves (and me) out.

Hang on, guys, I'm coming in!

Daddy and his pumpkin pickers

Me and my August

Off to find my OWN pumpkin.

So I didn't get a pumpkin...I got the stalk!

Watching Brooklyn ride a pony.

Am I too little?


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