Mamma Mia!

8:42 PM

Have not had much time to share life's little stories as of late. Time slips away with the little things of the day: waking up, breakfast, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, calling Terminix about more bugs, doing my Bible study and have a quiet time, putting the kids down for naps, holding and loving my kiddos, making lunch, making dinner, cleaning more house, working out, making and crossing off to-do's never ending.

But I did have a blessed interlude to my regularly scheduled day: Kyle and I went to see Mamma Mia! last week! It was in celebration of my birthday (in August), and I had SO much fun. It was all I could do not to hop out into the aisle and sing and dance right along with the people on stage! I swear, in another life I would have been a Broadway performer. Note I did not say "star". I have no real talent...but just to PERFORM would be super fun!

Brooklyn found it incredibly confusing that Mommy went to see a play called Mamma Mia. She knows and loves the movie, so to her, I went somewhere and "played" with Mamma Mia people. It was hard to clear that up.

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  1. So fun! Paul and I keep talking about going to see a play in DC but we haven't actually done it yet. It's so hard to find babysitters that we really love.

    Loved your awards answers :) I hear ya on the baking frenzy. It seems worse this time of year. I know I shouldn't be baking as much as I have...but I can't help it. Cookies cutters and cans of pumpkin puree just call to me this time of year!

    I love you dearly and think of you often!