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I remember well the day when Lauren called me and said, "How many pregnancy tests do you have to take to know you're pregnant? Cause I think I am." I remember laughing and saying, "Well, just one. But I always do several to be sure."

Sawyer Lain

Now, 39 weeks later, it is my delight to introduce to everyone my new nephew, Sawyer Lain Dennis. The newest member of the family was born this morning at 12:00am, October 3 to Josh and Lauren. He weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces and was 19 inches long. He's absolutely precious, although I've not yet held him!!!!

Me and Kyle and the kids went up to the hospital last night around 8:45 to keep Josh company for a little bit before Lauren's labor got too serious, and planned to head home and go to sleep - figuring we'd have a baby before morning. Which we did. What we hadn't planned was that Lauren would be fully dilated while we were there, so we'd just stay! Until 1:45! We were joined in the hospital waiting room by Anna, Michael, Dad, Mom, Chad, Melissa, Amanda and Lauren's mom and dad.
We all waited anxiously for news from Josh, who periodically texted us with progress reports. Finally, just as Kyle and I had decided we could no longer wait with our tired children, Josh texted us - It's Here!
They hadn't found out what they were having which is a prime reason we were all anxiously awaiting some news! Josh desperately wanted a son, and God gave him exactly that! After getting to see his sweet little face, my family of four stumbled off in a stupor to fall blissfully into sleep in our own beds. But Kyle and I clearly recall the incredible sensation of giving birth for that first time - becoming a mommy and a daddy with all the terror, excitement, unknowns and exhaustion it would entail. And now, two kids in - I would never go back. I LOVE it and I know they will feel the same way.

We are so excited to have a Dennis cousin! And I could not be prouder of my precious brother, Josh, and his wonderful wife, Lauren. My sweet family. My cup overfloweth.

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  1. Congratulations Josh and Lauren! Baby Sawyer is so blessed to be born into such a tight knit and joyful family!

    Finally...a cousin!!!

  2. Amanda "Smack"October 7, 2009 at 7:36 AM

    Congrats! How precious! I love the name - but I am a little biased because of my own sweet nephew, Sawyer.

  3. Hey Girl! Stop by my blog today and pick something up :) From me to you :)