More Estate Sale Finds

2:40 PM

For several months now, I have been searching for a good deal on Le Creuset cookware. I knew it was expensive and had hoped to find some on sale at TJ Maxx or something. Well, one French oven at TJ Maxx prices was still $175. Eek. So I sort of thought maybe it just wouldn't happen for quite some time.

Then I was skimming an email my mom sent me about an upcoming estate sale and it mentioned a set of Le Creuset cookware. My radar went off... So my mom and I went to this estate sale yesterday, and veteran estate-sale-er that I am, I whipped on my sling, stuck August in it, Brooklyn grabbed DD's hand and in we went. I made a BEELINE for the kitchen - always my first stop, particularly now that I was on the hunt for Le Creuset. And there it was, unobtrusively arranged on the counter along with tons of other nondescript kitchen unobtrusive as Flame orange can be... A 13 piece set priced at $200. Ok, so at estate sales, I can usually walk away with a STACK of items for under $60, and I paused at the price tag. And meandered around the rest of the house deliberating. I put some other items together, found a great Limoges tea cup and saucer, a vintage strainer, a beautiful porcelain tea set...and decided not to get the cookware.
Until I got my stuff in the car, the kids strapped in, and was ready to put the car in gear and drive away. I groaned in indecision! My mom looked at me and said, "Ashley, you cook all the time. Is this something you will seriously regret if you don't get it?" She shared a recent estate sale experience where she had almost bought something she really wanted, but decided against it. Only to have second thoughts, return and it was already sold.

That sealed it. I pulled back in the driveway, left everyone in the car, grabbed my checkbook and dashed to the kitchen. A man was slowly lifting the lids and peering in the various pots and pans. I reached across him, ripped off the price sticker and ran to the checkout. The cookware, which is the heaviest thing you can possibly imagine, was soon nestled in my trunk along with my other finds. I am one happy girl.

I later looked online at Williams-Sonoma and found that a 12 piece set - on sale - runs around $1200. SWEET! I got home, immediately washed everything and made myself some hot chocolate in the smallest saucepan.

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  1. Fabulous stuff! You did get a great deal!! We didn't make it over there today. We went to Wal Mart instead :(

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! I llluuurrrvvveee that it's ORANGE no less!! What a great find {all of it actually} - now I'll be on the hunt, too!!
    {p.s. I know you have NO CLUE who I am, but I am friends with Lisa Stagg & when I told her about my blog, she told me about yours - what a precious family!}

  3. So jealous Ashley!!! Love the orange! You will enjoy it for years to come. What a great buy!! So glad that April commented and found your blog. She is such a sweetie!!