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8:17 PM

I love reading things like this about people, although I doubt people enjoy reading my own, for some reason. Filling these out is kind of an indulgence. A chance to feel like people find you as interesting as you find yourself! But hey, that's the privilege of blogging, right? Yet another one!

I am doing this in response to my dearest friend, Anne - my bosom buddy.

Where is your cell phone?
no idea. I never know until it rings and I'm nowhere near it. Or until Kyle calls it for me and I find it buried under something.
Your hair? short, spiky and funky - and actually working today!
Your mother? Donna the Dynamo. A terrific friend and inspiration.
Your father? Randy. The wisest man I know..the man I miss working with every day, but who I respect for encouraging me to step away to focus on my highest priority - my kids.
Your favorite food? Anything with chocolate. And in this cool weather, chunky vegetable soup.
Your dream last night? Something about running up a hill and not moving very fast. I frequently have dreams where things don't work like they're supposed to. I also have just stinking bizarre dreams...but I think last night's was pretty tame!
Your favorite drink? Blazing hot Earl Grey tea with sugar and lemon. But it's tied with a steaming cup of espresso (or just strong coffee) with milk and sugar.
Your dream/goal? to keep having babies and raise them to be godly individuals; to open a dessert shop; to be a godly woman, wife and mother; to never stop coming up with new ideas!
What room are you in? my library/office
Your hobby? working out in order to offset my baking habit; knitting crazy projects that take way too long; browsing flea markets and estate sales; collecting vintage things; reading cookbooks and experimenting; reading reading reading and reading some more
Your Fear? that a big thunderstorm will blow a tree through the windows in my bedroom
Where do you want to be in 6 years? I'm afraid to answer that. Not necessarily here.
Where were you last night? At home with my husband and kids, enjoying a crisp Saturday night...laughing and being goofy. Singing lyrics from the documentary "Every Little Step" about the Chorus Line Broadway show...
Something that you aren’t? Timid. Shy. A good dancer or singer. Both things I wish I were.
Muffins? Pumpkin Chocolate Chip- never better than this time of year!
Wish list item? A sewing machine, a cowhide rug for this room, an unlimited budget for decorating
Where did you grow up? Right here.
Last thing you did? Made Popcorn-Marshmallow bars....YUM!
What are you wearing? Comfy socks, my favorite jeans, a blue long-sleeve t-shirt covered by an extremely cozy cashmere blend sweater pullover that Kyle and I share. It was actually an anniversary gift to each other!
Your TV? Something I barely notice. Tucked away in the TV armoire.
Your pets? Bailey, the world's greatest Golden Retriever and former showdog; Luna, the beautiful but evil cat; Ingrid, the sweet and loveable newish cat
Friends? I have been blessed with so many friends...but not enough time to spend with them all.
Your life? More than I could have imagined. More fulfilling and delightful every day.
Your mood? Contented and happy.
Missing someone? I would have to say that tonite, Anne is definitely on my mind. I would love NOTHING more than to nestle on my couch with her under a pile of quilts, mugs of hot chocolate and just talk until the wee hours of morning.
Vehicle? Audi A4 Quattro and ancient, but working Toyota 4Runner. Saving for a new something...
Your favorite store? In what regard? Boulevard Bread Company, Williams-Sonoma, J Crew, Anthropologie, Room & Board, Soho Modern!!!
Your favorite color?All shades of blue
When was the last time you laughed? a few minutes ago, listening to August just sing at the top of his lungs
Last time you cried? Oddly enough, this morning. I don't cry all that often, but during church today, I had a heart to heart with God and was surprised to find tears running down my face.
Your best friend? My precious precious Kyle.
One place that I go to over and over? the bathroom-usually with a good book.
Favorite place to eat? Right now, Acadia. Followed by Lily's. Followed by Star of India.

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