Update on Car

6:41 PM

I really don't know what to think at this point. Since receiving the unexpected news last Wednesday that my car had major problems, we've been in limbo. Kyle's car went into the shop immediately after to get its maintenance (and timing belt changed), so that is another really big check.

Regarding the choices we had to make about my car, we just sort of stutter-stepped around. A huge praise right off the bat was that my parents loaned us their Suburban, so we had more than adequate wheels!!! Thank you SO much, Mom and Dad!

Then, we couldn't figure out exactly what to do about my car. We pulled all our Audi records and made sure they hadn't missed something. Then we called some trusted mechanics and got their feedback. And then we drove through 2 car lots sort of perusing the selection...nothing excited us. And we still weren't sure whether we should be looking for a large car (since we want more kids) or a small car to replace mine. Questions just piled upon questions.

And so, today, Kyle took the Audi to a guy my dad knows who has a test he can do to determine if the problem originally diagnosed (seeping head gasket) was really a problem. I mean, if it was seeping, it was definitely a problem! But we were puzzled why we had noticed NOTHING. No changes in driving, etc. Well, Kyle called me this afternoon with some interesting news.

Ash, he says. Guess what's wrong with your car?

I hesitantly ask, What?

Absolutely NOTHING. The guy's test revealed absolutely nothing wrong with our car. In fact, he can't believe the other guy said it was a seeping head gasket. The car is perfectly fine.

So, how about that? I am SO glad we didn't rush out and buy a car! Somehow that just never felt quite right. And all along, as I was working through my daily Bible study in Genesis, specifically studying Abram, I was reminded of the dangers of acting in haste. The lesson being driven home was to wait patiently on the Lord. Abram and Sarai got themselves in big trouble by not waiting on God to bless them with their own child. Reading over that passage the other day, I told myself, Ok, the God of Abram is also YOUR God, Ashley. And He will take care of you. So just be patient and wait to see how this thing plays out. And God is so good! It appears we may not need to immediately get rid of our car!

You just never know what will happen. I guess, in the meantime, Kyle and I ought to figure out what car we do want when the time does come. So, thank you to those who specifically prayed for this situation. God is real, active and definitely involved in our daily lives. And Praise Him for that!

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  1. Okay, so I know this post is supposed to be about the car...and I am SO glad that you dont have to rush and buy a new one...but my most favorite part of this post is that you want more kids! YAY!!! More Floyd babies!

  2. I missed seeing you today! What an answer to prayer!

  3. Sounds like the original auto-repair place was maybe trying to scam you. I have an 07 FJ Cruiser and the Toyota place asked me if I did a lot of off roading, of which I replied "no" and the said I had torn/ripped the boot covering my 4X4 suspension. $500 to repair. Took it to a local mechanic and they found nothing wrong.
    -Danny (John A. Vinson's cousin in NC)