Brooklyn's Braiding Skills

6:00 AM

Brooklyn taught herself to braid recently, and now takes every opportunity to braid my hair. This works out particularly well when it's time for me to read aloud to the kids for school.  She stands behind the couch and just goes to town on my hair. This day, she braided all my hair up in about 7 different braids. I looked a little like Medusa. She was so thrilled with her work! 
I love having my hair played with and practically nodded off while trying to read to them.
I could get used to this hair salon business.

Selfie with lots of braids, the braid-er, and an admiring Wyeth!

Post-braids, my hair looked so cool - very wavy. 

On a different day, she tried a different braid approach. Loving the bright green hair-ties.

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