Library Day

6:00 AM

The Main Library downtown is one of the most beautiful places. The views from the children's floor are particularly lovely. On this visit, lovely may not be the best description of the exposed/decimated parking deck that has been unearthed, but it is at the very least, interesting!

I love the alleyways between buildings, the spiral staircase leading to the roof, the interesting facets of old buildings. We always walk through the alleyway to the library from Kyle's office.

You can see Kyle's office, and even his office window in this picture. The building with the green roof, the window to the left of the gray triangle. Dorien gazes out the huge picture window as a storm cloud slowly fills the sky.

This hidden reading alcove is where my children can often be found.

Alleyways, dumpsters, spiral staircases, shadows, storms.

Construction, construction everywhere.

In case you had any desire to walk or drive off the concrete pier, don't. There's danger ahead.

As the sky darkens, here's the view from the opposite side of the library. Equally lovely.

The grasses undulated like a meadow amidst the downtown buildings. 

My crew approaches, bearing loads of books and a few DVDs.

As we rounded the corner from the library entrance into "our alley," the bottom dropped out of the clouds. A deluge ensued. We were temporarily stranded on a loading bay. Thank goodness we had books to read! Kyle braved the water and ran to retrieve the car for us.

Safely dry. 

Happily occupied.

Our hero! And look at those calves! Yum!

Daddies are so good at rescuing us!

Last one safely loaded and locked into the seat. And this library day is concluded.

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