Surgery for Dorien

6:00 AM

Last week, Dorien underwent a much needed procedure to put tubes in his ears and remove his adenoids. Apparently, so far, August and Dorien inherited my adenoids. Which does not appear to be a good thing.  It means they're too large, and they impair drainage from their ears which results in hearing issues. I had mine removed at Dorien's age, and August had his removed about the same age as well.  The result? Instant hearing improvement!

When they put the tubes in, they also suck out whatever fluid is backed up in the ear canal, and according to Dorien's ENT, there was a lot of nasty thick gunk.  Kyle and I knew there were definite hearing issues, but I'm sure it was a bit of a shock to Dorien once all that fluid was gone and the volume was cranked way up!

Even though we've been through this process 4 times now (once with Brooklyn, twice with August and now D), it never gets easier to see your baby struggling out of the anesthesia haze. They're so confused and groggy and miserable - just whimper crying until it finally wears off.  In Dorien's case, it took a good 24 hours for him to bounce back. He just wasn't himself the rest of the day. He woke up the morning after and said, "I'm all better now, Momma!" Praise God for that!  As much as he can drive me crazy, I don't know what I'd do without my special little man with all his enthusiasm and grins and hugs. I love him so much!

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