Brooklyn's Piano Recital

2:31 PM

On May 17th, Brooklyn participated in a piano recital marking the end of their piano year and the end of her second year of piano lessons. She played Bach's Musette, a piece she learned earlier this year and played as part of a Music Federation. She earned a Superior rating with her piece at the Federation! I feel compelled to point out here that Brooklyn does amazing when it comes to playing in front of others. I used to get horribly nervous at the mere thought of a recital, and to this day, I do NOT play in front of others. I play the piano for my pleasure and that of my family, but still get really nervous about performing in front of anyone. I am so happy Brooklyn doesn't seem to feel that way. 
She memorizes pieces easily and, although she may have had a tiny fluttering of butterflies, she overcame it and played with amazing poise, skill and flair. I was so proud of her!

Brooklyn's friend, Lake, the daughter of one of my high school friends, also takes lessons and performed at the recital as well. This was her 3rd year of lessons. 

Brooklyn and her piano teacher, Mrs. Diane Cox.
It's such a neat thing for Brooklyn to take lessons from Mrs. Cox, because I took lessons from her when I was a little girl. I took lessons for about 7 years, I think. 

Mrs. Cox, surrounded by her pupils. Me, (Wyeth...future pupil?), Brooklyn and my sister Rachel. Mrs. Cox also taught my brother, Jeremiah and my brother, Chad. I love knowing my daughter is learning to love the piano, as I did. I still play the piano almost every day and cherish that ability. Thank you, Mrs. Cox!! (And Grandma Barbara and DD for supporting those lessons all these years!!) 

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